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REQUIRMENTS: Findings of historical or cultural significance from State or Federal Property will be returned to its original location.

State and Federal law prohibit damage to or removal of items of historical or cultural significance.
OS 53-361. Sect K: " . . .It shall be unlawful to willingly injure, disfigure, remove or destroy any archaeological resources, . . . artifact without lawful authority as provided in this or related statutes."

"Any person, or persons, making any investigations, explorations, or excavations of any prehistoric ruins, ancient burial grounds, pictographs, petroglyphs, prehistoric specimens, utensils, and trinkets, and all other archaeological features discoveries in the state on state lands, shall donate to the state all articles, implements and material found or discovered by such investigations, explorations, or excavations, which shall be deposited with a museum or other recognized repository in the state,. . . "

The following areas are the only areas available for metal detecting:

Park Rangers have the right to request to see your Metal Detecting Permit at any time you are Metal Detecting
Areas where metal detecting is NOT permitted:
*Any RV Campground.
*Old town of Lugert.
*All beach areas EXCEPT designated Swim Beaches
*As the lake level drops, the metal detecting acreage does NOT increase.

Any disturbance of ground will be returned to original condition.

You will be given a copy of the Metal Detecting Permit to keep with you while Metal Detecting.
The permit is good for the amount of days paid for.
A charge of $3.00 per day is required for the permit.

Please respect other visitors to the park.
Do not infringe on the rights of others.

Why do I need a permit to metal detect at Quartz Mountain Nature Park?
Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 423 forbids metal detecting unless a permit is issued.
This is to prevent the discovery and removal of historical artifacts.

Why are some area “off limits” to metal detecting?
The possibility of striking buried utilities (phone, water, gas, and electric lines) can be quite high.

Some park property is considered “an area of cultural and historical significance.”
State and Federal laws prohibit damage to or removal of items of historical or cultural significance.
Some examples of these items are:
-antiques or historic military equipment,
-Indian artifacts,
-fossilized bone.

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